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Name: Kishya Mendoza Greer
I got married and I added a new longer last name!

Birthday: October 2nd

Favorite Snack: I have a huge sweet tooth and I love candy. Mostly gummy bears and jelly beans. I also love trying candies and sweet snacks from all over the world.

Favorite drink: I am boring in this category, sorry to disappoint. I do love a nice warm London Fog on a chilly day. Soy milk plz! London Fog is made with sweetened earl grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup. Basically an Earl Grey Latte. Yum!

Favorite animal: Bunnies! They are the cutest things ever! So fluffy and quiet. I do enjoy my quiet time.

Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall? I can’t help you cheat on this test!

Hobbies: Too many to list! I continue making things. I try to learn techniques I have no experience in. One example is teaching myself how to make a mold from a clay ornament I sculpted and casting 30+ custom wishbone ornaments for my family and friends.

Favorite TV show: Oh, this is tough. I find myself watching documentaries a lot but that is not a valid answer. I would say “Absolutely Fabulous” is my favorite. I love British comedies and this show is so hilarious that you can watch it several times and find new things to laugh at in every episode. Brilliant!