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Well, Hello There!


Hi! I'm Kishya, I have been creating in Texas for over a decade. I am a tech savvy creator that loves to mix computer work and working with my hands. I have experience in various industries like healthcare, government, Human Capital Management (HCM), and retail packaging to name a few. I have worked in multiple mediums from print & web. Being a multidisciplinary designer means I can tackle a design challenge from all angles. 

I currently work as an Consulting Art Director & designer for multiple companies. 
I am always looking to take on new creative projects.

While you are here check out my blog Design Hunger. If you would like to shoot me an email tap on the button at the top right of the page. You can also connect with me via the social media sites linked below. 

in good company

I have worked with a diverse group of industries in my career.
Here is a small list of past and current brands I have collaborated with. 

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