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Insta-artist (March 15)

Design Hunger Blog

Design Hunger - Inspiration for your hungry brain

I started Design Hunger in 2009 as a place to help me keep all of the great inspiration I found on the web in one location. Over the years I have had readers from all over the world come drop in like Argentina & Indonesia. I hope you find some inspiration here.


Insta-artist (March 15)

kishya mendoza greer

I am very late to the game but I recently joined Instagram. I am now addicted to looking at amazing art from all over the world. Here are a few of my favs I had to share. I may turn this into a series as I find art I can resist sharing.

Dennis Salvatier @tanoshiboy
His style puts a smile on my face. Most of his latest work has an awesome innocence about it.






Kendrick Kidd @kendrickkidd
It is amazing how much detail he can put into such a simple graphic.

Amanda Iadonisi Word @pandaporch
She mostly illustrates on kraft paper with ink. Her characters are so relatable and hard not to love.

More insta-artist to come. There is so much to share! Happy Sharing!