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3 videos every Illustrator should watch

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I started Design Hunger in 2009 as a place to help me keep all of the great inspiration I found on the web in one location. Over the years I have had readers from all over the world come drop in like Argentina & Indonesia. I hope you find some inspiration here.


3 videos every Illustrator should watch

kishya mendoza greer

I will admit my hand drawing skills are a little rusty. But, how an artist thinks and processes information will never wear off.

I stumbled upon artist Marco Bucci on YouTube and wow! He has great videos for learning the basic principles of painting that apply to any form of illustration. Here are the top 3 I believe any artist should watch. He will cover how to think about light and shadows. This is basic stuff but the way he breaks it down is really informative. I hope you enjoy.

1. Merging Shapes - 10 Minutes To Better Painting - Episode

2. Ambient Occlusion (and Ambient Light) for Painters

3. Understanding Shadow Colors (Ambient Light Part 2)

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