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Finished vs. perfection

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I started Design Hunger in 2009 as a place to help me keep all of the great inspiration I found on the web in one location. Over the years I have had readers from all over the world come drop in like Argentina & Indonesia. I hope you find some inspiration here.


Finished vs. perfection

kishya mendoza greer

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

I have two traits that cause me to be my own worse enemy in regards to "passion projects." I am a procrastinator (most creatives are) and I am a perfectionist.

The perfectionist in me says:

  • Think through all of the possible outcomes.
  • Do your research.
  • Get it right because the world is watching and you wanna make a splash.
  • What sets you apart? You should figure that out first.

The procrastinator in me says:

  • You have nothing to do this weekend and you can finally get to that project.
  • You should wait until you find your voice because the world is watching and you know you are a perfectionist.

SMH, it never happens. I never have this issue with client work and I pump out work like hotcakes. That is great but it also makes me wonder, why?

There is a reason we are not all millionaires. If it were easy we would all be rich, funny, creative, you fill in the blank. The thing that stands in our way is fear of failure. I am not willing to stand on a stage and try to make a room full of judging people laugh. God bless comedians for baring their soul for us. I guess I am staying the same about design. I must not be willing to create with all of might a piece only for it to be torn apart by social media. I don't want an epic design fail on my portfolio.

Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS Ever

I do not lack the technical skills. I love and specialize in print but I know how to do web design, motion graphics, video editing, you name it. I dabble in it all. I love tech, learning, and design. So, I learn new things constantly.

I once heard that "Done is better than perfect." I see all of the well known designers on social media or hear them speak in person and think, I could do that. Technically it is true, I can. In reality, I can't. I truly can't unless I let go of the fear and just pump out my ideas like hotcakes in the same way I do client work.

I want to showcase my skills. Not to get more followers or to land more jobs. To be honest, because I want to create and put new ideas into the world. I want to challenge myself and I want all of these ideas out of my head and living in the world, before someone else does it. I have held a product in my hand that I had the idea for with a slightly different twist and it eats me up. I have no one to blame but myself. I know I am not alone. A lot of creators plateau but the memorable makers push past it. Are in a similar situation? Do you have a notebook full of ideas? How will you overcome it or are you content?

For me, it will not be easy but it is my mission this year to create more for myself and less for others. I have been reading "Ready player one" and I have a sudden sense of urgency to make something before IOI does it first.

I will now shut up and start working.